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.While virtually visiting Orsay Museum, find the following art works:
• One painting by Monet
• One impressionist piece of art
Screenshot the first one you find and add the picture below:

  1. Try to reproduce at home your favorite painting from this museum. You can reproduce it with your body (imitating the movement of the characters/forms), by sketching it, or any other way you can think of. Take a picture of your own version of the painting and put it in your notebook.
  2. Write one essay (500 words) answering the following question:
    • “Modern Paris was also about developing modern medicine and the birth of mental health. From the moment she is institutionalized in the mental institute, Camille Claudel will never sculpt again. Can one say there is a link between art and madness? Can madness be a source of inspiration?”

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Topic: the British system differs from the US system in both substance and form

Answer the following essay question. Organize your answer around our class discussion on how essays should be written. You should outline your thoughts before you begin�be sure you have an introductory paragraph and several (at least three) supporting paragraphs followed by your conclusion.

According to your instructor and Professor Magstadt, the American and British constitutional democracies are grand experiments in how to limit power for the general purpose of advancing human freedom.

The American attempt to limit power revolves around several doctrines. Identify these doctrines�explain briefly how they are designed to work. Evaluate how effectively the US system limits power. The British system would appear to use the same doctrines.

Is that true? If so, explain; if not explain how the British system differs from the US system in both substance and form. the source is Government by Mike Stoddard. 1st 100 pages.

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