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Provided word document for details.
Format: only the Narrative sections need to be APA, Question 2 can be filled out in the table provided. Bullet format.

Question 1: Narrative: Briefly summarize the historical/current reasons the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was developed. (What problems were the PPACA trying to solve?) (No more than 2-3 double spaced pages (Provide at least 2 citations that are not included as module resources) (20 pts)

Question 2: Select one Republican plan and discuss each of the topic areas below Link provided in word document: Use the Republican plan Grahm-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson Amendment (i.e. compare the ACA with the Republican plan) (can be single spaced). Link to republican plans: Table to fill out is in a word document.

Question 3: Narrative: Personal Recommendations – no more than 1-2 double spaced pages – provide your (a) recommendations related to ACA (keep, change, modify repeal try to relate to advanced practice nursing and health care.) and the (b) possible consequences of your recommendations (positive/negative) (5 pts)

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