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For this assignment, we want you to identify a social media campaign and critically examine how it operates, and here are some examples of past social media campaigns:

You are required to draw on the learning of this unit to examine the social media campaign.


  • Identify the social media campaign (do not use the examples above, please find your own example). What is the brand/service, which platforms do they use/what is the idea or concept behind the campaign? (And it’s may connect with social issue, for example, women power, gender equality).
  • Draw on the themes of the unit. We have covered a number of useful concepts in regard to social media during the weekly seminars between weeks 1-3. You are required to use two themes of the unit during this time and apply them to the social media campaign you have chosen. How do they align/misalign with the scholarship? What new insights can your research add to this discussion/debate?
  • Use empirical evidence to describe your campaign. Beyond the concepts of this unit, what else have you learned from this example? What sort of media did they produce and use? What is the reason they chose specific platforms over others? How successful was the campaign?


This assignment is a 1100-word assignment, assessed individually. It is to be written in an academic tone, with empirical examples and a Reference section using APA 6. We suggest your assignment include the following:

  • An Introduction – an overview of the social media campaign (200 words);
  • A theoretical framework – explain the concept/theme of the unit you are using (350 words;
  • Case study – Apply the theory you have identified in the previous section to your case study. Use examples to strengthen your argument (photos, links to videos, quotes, etc.) (350 words);
  • Conclusion – Clearly describe what you have discovered during this research process (200 words);
  • References – Use APA 6

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