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The purpose of this analysis report is to train and develop your capability in analyzing the business strategy and innovation management tactics of a technological startup company. This research report will be based on, and further analyze in details of the figures and points presented in class.

The report needs to be in an essay format, NOT in bullet points.

It is NOT necessary to include any tables or figures in this report. The report will need to investigate and include the following sections:

1. Detailed background of the startup company

2. Technological innovations supporting the company.

3. Rationale of each item in the Business Model Canvas.

4. Rationale of each item in the Ten Types of Innovation Framework.

5. Innovation adoption and crossing the chasm.

6. Implications, recommendation, and outlook.

7. Sources used in APA format (if any)

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Business

pages: 3/825

Business law essay assignment

Directions: consists of four essay questions. each answer should contain an analysis of the law relied upon to reach your conclusion. your grade is determined from that analysis with very little weight afforded your final conclusion. you may refer to whatever references you deem necessary. 1. andy is a seller of electronic generators. he purchases a large quanitity of generators from manufacturer Oberlin Corp. by making a down payment and signing a security agreement to make the balance of payments over a period of time. the security agreement gives Oberlin security interst in Andy’s “Inventory.” oberline files a financing statement on its security interest centrally. andy receives the generators and immediately sells on of them to Williamson. shortyl thereafter, andy defaults on his payment to Oberlin. what rights does oberlin have with respect to the generators still in andy’s possession? discuss oberlins rights, if any, against purchaser Williamson in this situation. explain in detail. 2. paul, a grower of christmas trees, contracted to supply victor with “top quality trees” to sell at his nursery. when the shipment arrived and was inspected, victor discovered that about one-half of the trees were not top quality. within 24 hours, Victor notified paul that he was rejecting the trees that were not top quality. paul did not have a place of business or an agent in the town where victor was located. christmas was only a short time away. the trees were perishable and would decline in value to zero by christmas eve. did victor act properly in rejecting one-half of the trees? did victor have any additional obligations to paul? explain in detail. 3. richard advertised a 30-foot sailboat for sale in The Morning Call newspaper. chris saw the ad, inspected the sailboat, and offered richard 9,000$ for the boat. richard accepted the offer. chris gave richard a check for 2,000$ as a deposit on the boat. he wrote on the check, “deposit on sloop, full amount 9,000$.” chris later refused to go through with the purchase and stopped payment on the deposit check. richard readvertised the boat and sold it for the highest offer he received, which was 8,000$. richard then sued chris for breach of contract. he asked for damages of 1,149.50$. this represetned the 1,000$ difference between the contract price and the sale price plus 149.50$ for readvertising in the newspaper. is richard entitled to this measure of damages? did the contract have to be in writing to be enforceable? explain in detail. 4.vicky purchased a bottle of champagne that was manufactured by Aladin Vineyards, Inc. at home, she removed the wine seal from the top of the bottle but did not removed the plastic cork. she set the bottle on the counter, intending to serve it in a few minutes. shortly thereafter, the plastic cork, which had been improperly inserted by Aladin, spontaneously ejected from the bottle, ricocheted off the wall, and struck Vicky in the left lens of her eyeglasses, shattering the lens and driving pieces of glass into her eye. despite the fact that Aladin had received numerous reports of simialr problems with the cork, the champagne bottle did not contain any warning. does vicky have a claim against Aladin based on either a breach of warranty or strict liability? explain in detail.

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