Topic:case study pediatric ” occupational therapy”


You are required to consider the scenario provided involving a young child and his family. You must use this information to construct a narrated video PowerPoint presentation that:
1. Demonstrates your understanding of the situation for the child and his family.
2. Describes the relationship between developmental milestones and occupational performance, and
3. Describes how you would use the child’s occupational interests to both enhance development and enable attainment of occupational goals
4. Focuses on the child’s fine motor development and the occupations impacted upon by the child’s delayed development in this area.
The presentation must be appropriate for presentation to families of children.
Your presentation should describe to the family your interpretation of the child’s development, including how you intend working with them:
1. Describe typical fine motor development milestones
2. Identify the different occupations children typically engage in that provide a stimulus for fine motor development
3. Describe how the child in the scenario’s disability affects both the attainment of fine motor developmental milestones and his engagement in occupation. Common occupational performance issues for children with this condition should also be discussed.
4. Describe how you, as an occupational therapist, intend to use the child’s identified occupational interests to enable attainment of fine motor developmental milestones
5. Explain how the attainment of fine motor developmental milestones will, in turn, enable achievement of the occupational goals described in the scenario

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