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Topic: Conversations with Children about Family Diversity

  1. After viewing and reflecting upon the content in the first half of our module respond to the following prompts to address in the first part of your discussion post:
    1. “What Do You Know?” 
      1. What surprised you or stood out to you from this film; How would you summarize the messages you heard from students?
      1. One girl says, “My brother was five and six in kindergarten and first grade and he would get teased for being gay because he was a little bit more feminine. I really wish they would have stopped it.” Discuss ways you have and/or could address gender- related teasing and bullying.
    1. Welcoming Schools Resources
      1. After exploring the resources available on the Welcoming Schools website write a brief summary of your reactions to the information provided — would you use these in your future practice?
    1. Our Family: A Film About Diversity
      1. How would/could you use this resource as an early childhood professional either with your own students, as part of a family education experience, or in your own community?
  2. Pose a question or point of discussion that builds on our topic of discussion and provides an opportunity for an open forum and discourse with your classmates.  

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