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Create your own Organizational Setting Utopia through the art of Dialogue. Have a strong thesis that supports original ideas and integrates the course with outside research.

Use the required readings, videos used during the course, *at least three outside resources (see list above), and class dialogues to define how to create your utopian community.

Spend minimal time discussing what it looks like (location, setting, office setup, people, etc.)–this is a discussion about the style of Dialogue within your Utopia; the research that supports your selected style of Dialogue; and why that research is valid for the development of your Utopia.

Include a strong analysis of outside sources so that the purpose is clear and evident in your understanding of Dialogic Theory.

Type of assignment: Research paper

Subject: Communication

Pages: 5/1250


Pentecostalism In Ghana.

The first Pentecostal church in Ghana, West Africa began in the 1950s the same time the country
received its citizenship. It was founded by Joseph McKeon. The founder of the church was
forced to change the name of the church since the doctrine of the church was not well received.

The church changed names from Apostolic Church of Gold Coast to Ghana Apostolic Church
and finally to the church of Pentecost which was legally registered in August 1962. In the
Pentecostal churches, an encounter with the Holy Spirit is not a unique experience. Members will
be heard speaking in different languages.

The Ghanaians citizens have no choice but to believe in Jesus Christ because of the struggles the country is still going through. It is normal in the Pentecostal churches to wait and hear from God. The leaders led the congregation to wait on God by silently waiting for Him to speak during the service.

Visions and prophetic dreams are acceptable and are believed to be messages from God. The Pentecostals also believe that God communicates to them through songs and hymns. The songs are used indifferently and in many ways and it are also believed that tone can prophesy through a song or can receive a revelation of a song through speaking in tongues.

The church of Pentecost does not entertain sin and it is condemned harshly with the spiritual leaders. No one entertains sin because of the belief that it does not dwell in our bodies which is the temple that the spirit of God dwells in and all the focus is in pleasing the holy Spirit. Finally, the Pentecostal churches in Ghana have grown so widely and currently are found in all over 20 different countries with its main headquarters in Accra, Ghana.

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