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Topic:Criminology and Mass Violence


1. Evaluate the adequacy of the current legal definition of genocide.
2. Provide a detailed analysis of ONE recognised theatre of mass violence, focusing on the interplay of macro-, meso- and micro-level variables. You do not have to give equal weight to each level of analysis and may use other theatres for comparative purposes.
3. Explore the inter-relationships between TWO OR MORE of the following terms as they apply to mass violence: ‘victim’, ‘perpetrator’, ‘bystander’.
4. Evaluate Rafter’s (2016, p.180) contention that rape is a ‘key means of achieving genocide’.
5. Green & Ward (2003, p.2) define ‘state crime’ as ‘state organisational deviance involving the violation of human rights’. Explore the position that capital punishment can be defined as ‘state crime’ in this sense.
6. Explore and evaluate the social uses of material human remains in the aftermath of mass violence.
7. Explore the nature and adequacy of transitional justice arrangements in ONE OR MORE theatre(s) of mass violence.
8. Explore and evaluate the relationship between the concepts of ‘genocide’ and ‘ecocide’.
9. Provide a critical analysis of the relationship(s) between TWO OR MORE of the following: climate change; population displacement; mass violence. “

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