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There is one essay required for this class. In this essay you are required to use self-reflection to evaluate and describe your current culture and the culture in which you have been raised (can include traditions, foods, etc.).

I believe that self-reflection on your own culture allows you to understand and be more receptive to other cultures.

Your essay needs to be at least 1500 words in length and include the following information: family culture (where your family originally came from), the culture in which you were raised, and finally the culture you believe you are living in today.

The essay is worth a total of 30 points. There is not a rubric for this assignment

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Psychology

Pages: 5/1250



The process of writing any academic essay is considered one of the most stressful in the life of any scholar. However, it does not always have to be like this. He process can be made fun and exciting for the writer which definitely makes it easy for the reader to go through it and award marks.

All the material put down in this essay should be relevant. All information and statements should be evaluated and made clear and precise. All the key words in the question should be underlined in order to ensure the topic is well understood and to prevent deviating from the subject in question.

The general structure of the essay determines the overall quality of the essay. Paragraphs should be even and the opening paragraph should introduce the reader to what he/she is about to read in the body of the essay.

The writing style should be clear and straightforward with use of good grammar and the appropriate vocabulary. Scholars may think that taking time before reaching the point is what earns people marks.

Saying less and meaning more is the new and acceptable way of writing all academic materials. Being a psychology essay, there may be numerous terms and ideologies that are technical and it is not obvious that whoever comes across the essay will understand them. Carefully listing and explaining the intended meaning will make the essay easy and enjoyable to read and understand.

The reference sector is the most crucial as finding credible sources influences the content of the essay in general. In the field of psychology, the scholar and or psychologist is expected to delve into the issues of the mind without complicating anything. In writing this essay, this point should be put into great consideration.

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