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1. Debt in democratic countries: Media coverage of the magnitude of debt in democratic countries along with population aging and the decline of tax payors to pay for the high health, social services, and other costs of an elderly population. One initial part of the project would get data from the World Bank or another legitimate source and compare debt today with the past. Another initial part of the project would scour the economics or business literature for any writing on the threats to the welfare state of ever rising debt. The core project would then gauge what western media say about the situation using content analysis.

Media to Choose

1. For any media-related paper, you should ideally choose at least one leftwing and one rightwing media organization in each country you choose. Please begin with English- speaking countries: Canada (GM, NP), the US (NYT and Fox), UK (Telegraph and Guardian), plus corresponding pairs in Australia, N.Z., India, Israel. Ireland, etc. If your team has a French, Italian, or German reader, please add a pair in each of these countries. Countries should be limited to democracies.

2. The bigger your team, the bigger or more numerous should be your choice of countries, media, and time periods. The more multilingual your team, the broader might be the selection of countries.

Length of Papers

Term papers should be 5 pages with most of the pages containing charts or data in appendices. The size of your paper might depend on (a) size of your research and (b) volume of material content-analyzed for your paper and reported in tables/charts. Tables and charts may occupy more pages than writing. Longer papers may be needed when you are covering a wide range of countries, media, and/or literature.

For any given size of research team, the grade will be influenced by accuracy, clarity, comprehensiveness of topic, and comprehensiveness of media/literature selection but not necessarily by length of paper. Precise descriptions of how you collected the data could appear in an Appendix.

Type of assignment: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Term paper
Subject: Political science
Pages/words: 5/1375
Number of sources: 10
Academic level: Bachelor
Paper format: MLA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: CA English

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