Discuss the pathophysiology’s of one medical and one trauma condition commonly encountered among older people.

1. (Medical)The Pathophysiology of Hyperglycaemia in Older Adults: Clinical Considerations

2. (Trauma) Falls from standing height or less, such as from a wheelchair, bed or commode

Specifically, discuss the significance of ageing in the prevalence and complexity of these conditions.

Assignment Guidelines

Word count: 2250 – 2750 words

Language: UK English

References: You are required to use the Harvard 6th standard referencing methods.

  • The submitted assignment must show the final word count on the front page. Failure to keep to the word limit will result in the loss of marks. Ensure that all content is relevant and focused on the topic, but do not waste words unnecessarily.
  • Assignment must be electronically written using a word processor in Microsoft Word (.doc or docx) format.
  • The font size should be 12 point, and should be in the style of Times New Roman, Arial, or Sans Serif. Never use Courier font or script-style fonts.
  • Use double line spacing for word-processed essays.
  • The document should be left-justified.
  • Ensure that all headings are consistent in terms of size and font style. Use the footer function on the word processor to insert page numbers and your name on each page.
  • Use the computer’s spell check and grammar check functions to help edit your paper (ensure it is set to English UK).
  • Make sure that your References start on a new page

Must have minimum of 3 references

Type of assignment: essay

Subject: Healthcare

pages: 10/2500

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