Discuss two of the limitations in your research study questions

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Question 2: Discuss two of the limitations in your research study. Explain how you could address these limitations if the study was repeated (1 point) (½ page minimum). Provide clear examples of how you would address the limitation in a future study.

Question 3:
What were the most surprising results from your results. Explain with examples (1 point). (½ page minimum). Be clear in your address with reference from the finding’s tables.

Question 4:
Develop a table or figure to review all of the managerial abilities that were developed during each of the Seven Sessions in MGT 690 class. Clearly identify the managerial ability/ abilities that were developed in each session and provide a supportive review of how you were able to develop the selected abilities during each class.

Explain with examples how the class assignments and other tools provided you with the opportunity to develop the selected managerial abilities. Think about how this exercise could assist you professionally. (3.33 points) (1 page minimum) Illustrations plus review underneath minimum 1/1/2 pages. Provide examples that are clear, not abstract or vague with a clear reflection of how the abilities were developed.

Managerial abilities are found on the recap sheet.
Based on the assessment choose the higher scores create a new recap sheet and choose the higher scoring to show which managerial abilities were developed

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