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Healthcare in America

  1. Looking at the history of healthcare financing (C&J) what do you think contributed to the rising cost of healthcare?
  • How do healthcare spending costs in America compare to those of other developed countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Canada, and France?
  • Is healthcare a right or a benefit? Explain. If it is a right, then what is our responsibility in ensuring this right for all citizens? Should everyone have an equal portion, or if you can afford it, you can have more?
  • Who pays for the unpaid healthcare costs in the U.S.?
  • As nurses are we able to contain costs while attaining positive patient outcomes? Explain.
  • How, as nurses, might we advocate for quality health care for all people?
  • Other than financial resources, what are some additional barriers to healthcare in America?
  • Has the Affordable Healthcare Act solved our current healthcare dilemma? Why or why not?

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