Topic:Education and Society – Globalization essay


Question – To what extent does Globalisation influence education? In your answer, you should consider three or more of the following features:
the ways education systems are organised;
the purposes of education;
the measurement of educational ‘success’;
the content of education (curriculum).

– For organisation of systems include: who is doing the framing?, neocolonialism, power between countries and colonial enterprise.
– For purposes include: purposes, can education make things worse?, critical perspectives, contribution to globalisation, link this section with Paulo Friere and Richard Khan (ecopedagogy).
– For Measurement include: policy transfer/knowledge exchange, is this good? (forest schools) and discuss high suicide rates in China and Japan.
For content include: homogenisation of the curriculum (Scottish curriculum for excellence) and exporting education.
– For conclusion discuss the emergence of a different form of education globalisation, enlightening young people and technology.

With your own work and research, please also follow these instructions as the guidelines are very specific. Refer to documents posted and use reference list as refs and sources of information, additionally there are other sources of information posted. These are all relevant to the course and essay.

3000 words.

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