Topic: Education on a newly diagnosed child with type 2 diabetes mellitus


Guidelines: Write a 2-3 page paper in APA format (in addition to a cover page and a reference page) using at least two heading levels. The paper should cover teaching an identified topic that demonstrates application of theory to clinical practice as a professional nurse (see assignment description)
Students must use at least three (3) peer reviewed articles and at least two (2) Professional Organizations or Regulatory Agencies as references. This will be submitted to your theory instructor for consistent grading practices through Canvas using VeriCite, a plagiarism program. Vericite score must be less than 15% including quotes.
Research Paper Rubric
Located on Canvas attached the research paper assignment.
To explore the role of the nurse in patient education at the time of discharge by identifying, researching, and planning a method to address an identified area in need of improvement or that may be considered a barrier to discharge, a potential risk for complications or alterations of health status, or that may result in hospital readmission or exacerbation of illness.
1. Apply principles of discharge teaching and patient education to the role of the professional nurse.
2. Describe the method and process necessary for a successful patient nurse interaction that facilitates discharge teaching and understanding of activity.
3. Identify impact of discharge teaching and patient education in patient outcomes and patient safety.
• Introduction and identification of the issue.
o Observe the units, what problems are you, the nurses, the patients encountering?
o Interview the team members on their feelings and knowledge of previous attempts to fix the issues at hand.
o Research and investigate the problem at your clinical site and in your community and include in your summary of findings.
• Review of Literature
o Research the issue within the current (within 5 years) nursing research for possible solutions that can be applied to the disease processes, developmental stage or discharge planning issues you are educating the patient about.
o Research related regulatory and or nursing organizations that address similar issues and summarize any recommendations.
o Identify which National Patient Safety goal(s) or regulatory standards relate to the patient education issue you are working on.
• Formulate a Plan
o Develop a patient education plan
o Address the three questions in the boxes at the top of the page
o Describe how you would implement and test your plan
• Include a reference list using APA format of materials used for your research.

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