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Develop a section for theoretical backgrounds of two themes among

branding value proposition and customers

2. Analyse/critically evaluate the strategies, performance and behaviours of the target company in terms of your two themes

3. Develop recommendations for the target company on how to overcome the challenging industry and market situations related to the COVID-19 in the context of your chosen two themes. Also, justify your recommendations.

Type of assignment: coursework

Subject: Business

Pages: 11/3000


Stock exchange in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and UAE.

A stock exchange is an institution organization or association that serves as a market for trading financial instruments for example stocks and bonds. Exchanges make money in numerous different sectors such as listings and sales.

The American Stock Exchange (AMEX) is one of the largest in the world with over 1700 options traded on stocks. It now goes by the name NYSE MKT LLC and is situated in New York City. NYSE Euronext acquired AMEX in 2008 for $260 million. Today almost all trading on the AMEX is in small-cap stocks, exchange-traded funds and derivatives.

The London Stock Exchange is located in London in the UK with a market capitalization of US $ 3.266 trillion in 2011 making it the 4 th largest in the world and the largest in Europe. It was founded in 1801 and is part of the London Stock Exchange Group.

The outbreak of World War I in 1914, hit the stock exchange hard, it ended up being closed. It was reopened on 4 th January 1915 and transactions were to be in cash only. The Toronto Stock Exchange is the largest in Canada, 3 rd largest in North America and 7 th largest globally.

It is based in Toronto and owned by the TMX Group. A broad range of businesses are represented in the exchange and mining and gas companies are listed here than any other stock exchange. In 2011, the London Stock Exchange merged with the TMX Group.

The Australian Securities Exchange has a daily turnover of A$4.685 billion and a market capitalization of around A$1.6 trillion, putting it among the world’s top 10. The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, Abu Dhabi had a market cap of US$135 billion in 2014 and a volume of US$149 million in the same year.

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