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Answer the question below with NO MORE than 2500 words.

The common law is itself a sort of overarching tradition, in which Equity and contract are nested. The way these traditions hang together is not a simple matter. Equity has one trajectory and contract has its distinct trajectory.

In significant ways they tend to promote different values.’ (Lord Sales, ‘The Interface between Contract and Equity’ Lehane Memorial Lecture, 28 August 2019)

-Discuss this statement with reference to at least TWO equitable doctrines or remedies. (Remedies does not mean you must discuss injunctions).

Type of assignment: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Coursework
Subject: Law
Pages/words: 5/2500
Number of sources: 5
Academic level: Bachelor
Paper format: OSCOLA
Line spacing: Single
Language style: UK English

Writing a law essay

Law essays are tricky. They require a great deal of research on various topics. These topics may be
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one should:

  1. Begin by reading and understanding the question. All keywords must be underlined to avoid
    omission of any information in the essay.
  2. Identify the resources of information provided in the end notes section. Notes should then be
    made on the areas relevant to the topic in discussion.
  3. Work through their own list of references and sources to get the most recent required
    information before sitting down to write the actual essay.

    When one starts to write the essay, one should have developed their original thoughts based on
    information gathered backing them up with other authors’ discussions. One should ensure they display innovative and creative thinking. The writer should not limit themselves to law. Related subjects such as economics, psychology may help and offer additional information for the student in question.

    Law essays tend to be too long. The shorter the essay, the more appealing and interesting it becomes. Plain English should be used and not complicated legal language. A good lawyer uses simple language that points straight to the subject in question instead of beating around the bush.

    Proofreading one’s essay before submission is actually the most important part of writing. One may
    have pointed out major points without providing relevant support to it. This leads to inefficiency in

    Timely submission as well as proper accompaniment as required by the professor is a sure way to earn oneself all points. When all is over and done with, the essay will be graded a good mark.

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