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In a 4 page paper discuss each of the seven family life cycles from the textbook. How important is each stage? What have we learned in this course that can help with communication in each stage? Provide an example of each stage (what it looks like or consists of) and communication aspects we’ve learned that are helped during the stage.

Then based on cultural trends and evolving values of new generations, what changes in marriage do you predict in the next 15 years? What evidence do you have to support this viewpoint? Do you think most couples follow the same cycle as those 20 years ago? Why or why not?

The book we are using is: Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters 8th Edition ….Julia T Wood.

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Comparing Expert Claims to improve the lifestyle of many Americans by solving the economic problems
caused by immigration.

The former American president, Donald Trump, and current president Joe Biden had
many contrasting claims during the 2020 election period. Immigration was one of the issues they
disagreed about. According to Trump, he would develop a program that would American
employees from immigrants. Besides, Trump would the number of H-1B visas to restrict legal
immigration. During his terms, Trump has already restricted visas and travel from some
countries and reduced the number of refugees and asylum seekers. He intended to overturn the
DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program (Ries, 2020). He also focused on the
high rate of immigration happening in Mexico and the completion of the border wall. Families
were separated at the border and sent to Mexico as they went through asylum application review.
His claim was “When I took office, we inherited a broken, dysfunctional and open border.
Everybody was pouring in. … We reformed our immigration system and achieved the most
secure southern border in U.S. history. It is at a level that it’s never been before.”
On the other hand, Joe Biden sought to abolish most of Trump’s immigration policies. He
planned to increase the annual refugee admissions from 18,000 to 125,000. Besides, he would
also develop a road map to citizenship for all the undocumented immigrants that have passed the
background check and pay taxes to the government. He was also interested in addressing the
cause of immigration at the Mexican border and provide El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras
with a $4 billion aid package because they were plagued by violence and narco-trafficking. His
claim was “They’re coming because the circumstances in country, in country. The way to deal
with this problem, and I started to deal with it back when I was vice president, putting together
a bipartisan plan of over $700 million to address the root causes of why people are leaving.
What did Trump do? He eliminated that funding. He didn’t use it. He didn’t do it,”

In these claims, there is evidence of the medicalization of social problems. The two
presidential candidates were seeking to develop lasting solutions to the challenges that have been
facing Americans. The issue of immigration has never been effectively addressed result in many
social problems such as racial discrimination, violence, shortage of employment opportunities,
etc. It result to health problems among the American such as depression mental challenges, stress
etc., therefore many Americans are seeking help health institutions (Ries, 2020). The primary
objective of their claims was to find lasting measures to rid Americans of such health challenges
and provide them with a friendly environment to enjoy freedom in their country.
Rhetorical strategies were incorporated in both claims, which served different purposes.
For instance, Trump wanted to demonstrate how immigration has disadvantaged Americans for a
long time, and therefore foreigners should no longer be allowed in America. It is the cause of the
majority of problems faced in America. On the other hand, Joe sought to show that they should
not do away with the immigrants since they also played a vital role in enhancing the American
economy. America cannot isolate itself from other countries. They need each other for economic
growth and development.
In both claims, there are no references made to science or scientific authorities. However,
some risk is involved. For instance, according to Trump, if immigrants are not controlled from
flooding America, the future of the country will be a great risk. Many Americans will lose their
jobs, which will increase the rate of poverty. However, Biden felt that blocking immigration will
risk diplomatic relations with other countries across the globe. Therefore, there was a need to
develop another better way of dealing with immigration without destroying the American
reputation. The risk invoked in the two claims helps Americans weigh their options and decide
on the candidate with the best policies to lead America.

Both Trump and Biden had particular interests which influenced the formulation of their
claims. They wanted to win as many Americans as possible to vote for them. Hence, they made
such claims because each believed his views were what many Americans wanted to hear. They
had to do anything possible to appeal for American votes for the top office. Besides, the
diagnoses and prognoses were made using the perspective of an economist. Both individuals
sought to explain why their views would play a vital role in enhancing the American economy.
They wanted to improve the lifestyle of many Americans by solving the economic problems
caused by immigration.

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