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Topic: Globalization and Business

Instructions STEP 1 Choose one subtopic from the following list of major week 2 topics Globalization and Business – Subtopic: Cultural Competence Technology and Business – Subtopic: Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Corporate Governance – Subtopic: Corporate Social Responsibility New Employment Relationships – Subtopic: Forced Arbitration Agreements STEP 2 Locate at least 2 resources: – a news piece about the subtopic. The news piece should help you identify the subtopic as one that is contemporary. The news piece should also help you to provide one or more examples within the overview section. – material that explains the basics as well as the more involved concepts associated with the subtopic. Use a high quality resource; not one that is meant to sell a product or service. The material chosen should support your need to provide 1) a comprehensive overview as it relates to the changing environment within organizations; 2) impact of the subtopic on employees as well as organizations. STEP 3 a. Present an overview of the subtopic. Within this overview present: The contemporary nature of the subtopic present the current state of the subtopic as it relates to both the workforce and the organization. Basic as well as more complex concepts and issues present basic information about the subtopic and several more involved concepts that highlight the complexities of the subtopic. The impact of the Subtopic present ways that the subtopic is impacting both the workforce and the organization. identifying within the content how the subtopic is impacting both the workforce and organizations. An example of the subtopic in the workplace integrate a well-chosen example that supports any of the following: the contemporary nature, the more complex areas of the subtopic, the impact of the subtopic. Do not integrate opinion statements in the overview. Offer opinions only in the designated Opinion Statements area. b. Use appropriate in-text citations and an appropriately cited listing of resources used at the end of the paper. Support in developing in-text a bibliography is available within the writing assignment module. c. Overview Word Length: Overview – 500 words STEP 4 a. In a separate paragraph, provide your thoughts on the subtopic you investigated. Think critically about the content you’ve offered in the overview. Offer your thoughts, ideas, solutions. b. Opinion Statement Word length: Opinion Statements – 200 – 250 words

Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

Subject: Business

Pages / words: 1/275

Number of sources: 8

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: APA

Line spacing: Double

Language style: US English

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