Harm Minimization Framework used to reduce alcohol related harms.



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Your task is to critically evaluate one of the strategies (or group of strategies) within the Harm Minimization Framework used to reduce alcohol related harms. This can include research on the effectiveness of regulation initiatives, educational programs, treatment programs or any type of intervention employed to reduce the alcohol related harms in Australia or overseas.

First, introduce the strategy and any underlying assumptions central to the strategies employed by the nation(s) you are referring to. For example, you might explain how the strategy fits or could fit within a harm minimisation framework and the expected outcomes (see the Reading 1.3 National Drug Strategy in week one optional resources for guidance). It may also be appropriate to outline the factors that have influenced the development of the initiative(s) being discussed- including the social/cultural, historical, political and or economic forces at play. The main idea is to provide a context for the strategy you wish to focus on.

Next build an argument for the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the strategy. In addition to other scholarly sources that you will cite, you are expected to include at least four pieces of scholarly research (e.g. articles from peer reviewed journals not more than five years old). Consider the strengths and weaknesses of the research. If there are conflicting findings across studies, consider why difference(s) might occur ( e.g. what are the differences across the studies that might account for discrepancies in findings). Discrepancies might be accounted for due to different techniques used to deploy initiatives, sample characteristics and so on. Use the evidence cited to support your formal argument and be sure the reader understands that what you are presenting is evidence –based not simply opinion.
This assignment is to be presented as an essay (title page, introduction, body and conclusion) and use scholarly referencing (in-text citations and a list of references at the end). Referencing is to comply with APA format.

Written expression should avoid using the first person, should be gender neutral, should be clear, direct, concise and grammatically correct.

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