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Metro Health Center is a community health system that has had trouble attracting and retaining top-tier talent in both the administrative and clinical fields. They have retained a consultant to educate the core administrators in various critical areas of Human Resources Development. Metro is seeking to transition its HR department from one that focuses on the old methods of HR to a system of Strategic Health Care Management.

Questions :
What are three of the most important outdated HR methods that Metro should abandon and what current HR practices should they implement in their place? Explain why you selected these three as the most important.
Develop a new organizational mission and corporate strategy for Metro.
What legal considerations need to be made when developing new employee selection procedures?

•Discuss labor relations and labor law.
•Discuss the employment-at-will doctrine.
•Explain public policies that protect employees from unlawful discharge.
•Describe what is meant by retaliatory and constructive discharge and how to defend a claim for unfair discharge
•Describe under what circumstances employers often discharge an employee
•Describe effective hiring practices and the importance of clear communications
•Describe and understand the rights of employees.
•Describe and understand the responsibilities of employees.

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