How to write a good conclusion


A conclusion is the last paragraph of an essay that brings an essay to an end by restating your central argument (summary of your thesis and argument).

As a writer, this is an opportunity for you to persuade the reader that your work is worthy of their time and a moment to send home your message. Learn how to conclude your topic leaving a lasting impression.

Three steps to follow when to writing a good conclusion.

Anchor it by restating the main idea. An effective way to kick off your conclusion is by rephrasing all the major points and putting all your argument together by anchoring it with a thesis statement. Try to make it sound fresh.

  • Prove it by summarizing your three main points.

Finish your paragraph in a big way without repeating yourself by summarizing your evidence. Summarize three main points together into one special force with a significant contribution.

  • Close it by ending on a high note.

To support your conclusion, reinforce your evidence by providing an overall concluding statement that leaves your readers more satisfied and yawning for more.

How to avoid a bad conclusion.

a) Avoid repeating your introduction.

b) Do not summarize your body paragraph in your conclusion.

c) Do not add a new point or write new arguments.

A conclusion paragraph outline consists of a conclusion starter, a summary of the main parts of an essay, and a concluding sentence.

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