How to write a good essay tips

Tips for writing a good essay

An essay can be described as a short piece of personalized writing that represents one ‘s stories or argument or experience. The essay can be formal or informal. Formal essays are more academic and cover serious topics while informal essays are more personal with some elements of humor in it. The essay has been divided into four categories depending on the message of the writer to the reader.

Narrative essays:

In this type, the writer involves the reader when narrating the story and is more real and vivid as possible. The objective 0n this kind of essays is to engage the reader as if he was there while the incident was happening.

Descriptive essays:

It involves creating a mental picture through words of places and events by involving other senses like sound, smell, and touch. The writers must engage the reader’s emotions and feel the same way as the writer.

Expository essays:

It is based on facts and statistics. The writer must present a study of a given topic and enough knowledge on the same. No feelings and emotions in this kind of essay is required.

Persuasive essays:

The purpose of the essay is not only presentation of facts but to convince the reader to have the same view of facts as the writer.

Essay writing is creative process and hence no boundaries or limiting factors though it should follow the normal format of introduction (about 4 to six lines writing a brief explanation on the topic), body paragraphs (This part that carries the content and is sandwiched between the introduction and conclusion. and finaly a conclusion. (it mirrors the introduction and giving some wrapping and morals. It should never be left hanging.)  

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