How to write a research paper


A research paper is a piece of paper that contains the original author’s work of academic writing on a particular topic, analysis, and interpretation the findings of the research.

Below are Steps to Consider When Writing a Research Paper.

  • Choose a topic that is interesting and challenging, you will enjoy the writing process and discover something new.
  • Create a good and strong thesis statement since it will guide and help you to remain focused on the subject.
  • Do enough research on your topic, read both primary and secondary credible sources, books, journals, and other documents to find evidence that supports your thesis statement.
  • Make a good working outline by writing down key points that will form subheadings supporting your thesis statement.
  • Create the first draft starting with the introduction (provide background information, explaining the focus of the paper and specific purpose, and how to achieve your objective on the research topic ), body paragraphs (provide your points and support the main idea by summarizing, explaining and evaluating) and conclusion (give recommendations of the research you have done or suggest direction). 
  • Revise, Edit, and Proofread your work, your ideas must have a good flow and should always be supported by credible evidence. When editing check for grammar and punctuation mistakes, incomplete sentences, spelling mistakes, and more. Read your work more than two times and allow your friends and family members to help check any errors in your work.


Writing a research paper is one of the most exciting and rewarding experience a student can encounter in their academics. Research papers summarizes the perspective of the students and argue a point. It is considered an expanded essay that contains your interpretation, evaluation and arguments backed up by other ideas information by surveying a field of knowledge.

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