How to Write a Research Proposal.

How to Write a Research Proposal.

A research proposal in either an academic or scientific writing analysing a topic and forming a hypothesis for that topic. It contains qualitative and quantitative procedures of the study you plan to undertake. Any research proposal will introduce what the researchers propose to do or to prove, gives an account of the method and theories that are essential in supporting the hypothesis.

Steps to Follow When Writing a Research Proposal.

  • Create a title page. 

 It includes the proposed title of your project, your name, your professor’s name, the institution, and the department.

  • Abstract and table of content.

This helps the reader to navigate through the content of the proposal is long.

  • Move into your introduction.

You should introduce the topic, give background information and content, outline your problem statement, and research questions.

  • Write a literature review.

A strong literature review should give a broad background in which you will carry out your research. 

  • Describe the proposed research.

This is the heart of the proposal and also known as methodology. It provides a complete explanation of the proposed research.

  • List references and bibliography

This page will show where you have found the information in finding the problems and forming a hypothesis of the proposed research.

  • Identify the personnel.

For a short proposal, this is not necessary though for wide proposal it is important to indicate the information of the main contributors to the research.

  • Include appendices if necessary.

Indicate all the required material or documents that the reader will need to go through to understand the proposal. 

  • Project a budget.

Write down any cost that you will need and state how is it necessary to complete the research.

A research proposal should contain words that range between 2,000 to 3,500 words which translate to 4-7 pages work.

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