How to write essay introduction


An introduction in an essay has two roles, one to capture the reader’s attention and to encourage them to read your work and two it gives a clear road map of your discussion.

A captivating introduction has three major elements with each serving a particular purpose.

Step 1; Grab the attention of your reader.

  • Identify your audience.
  • Use the element of surprise.
  • Research on an interesting quote that will sum up your argument.
  • Pose a rhetoric question that will leave your reader thinking about your topic of choice.
  • Engage your readers emotionally if you have a personal connection to the topic.
  • Avoid generalization.

Step 2: Transition.

  • Research on a wider topic
  • Provide necessary background information.
  • Define key terms.

Step 3: Thesis Statement.

This statement gives an overall picture of your discussion. Your introduction should give a road map to your thesis and will be of assistance when defending your thesis.

  • Make your point
  • Describe how you will prove it.
  • Smooth transition to the body of your essay.

Your introduction should reflect on your goal and purpose of your work. For normal papers, your introduction should be one or two paragraphs while long papers the paragraphs can be several.

How do you perfect your introduction?

  • Read essays from other writers.
  • Keep your introduction short and clear.
  • Write your introduction after you have written your essay.
  • Revise your introduction to fit your essay.
  • Structure your introduction effectively.
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