Topic: Identify the allegorical players in at least one of the parables in Poem


  1. Take section 10 ( page 132-137) and do the following in an essay: a. Identify the allegorical players in at least one of the parables told. /

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  1. Be mindful of the editor’s suggestions about interpretation on pages xv-xviii. a. “Two themes, in particular, are diffused throughout almost the entire poem—the necessity for destroying the Self, and the importance of passionate love” (xviii);b. “If there are two main actors in any given story, it’s a good bet—it doesn’t always work but it does most of the time—that one of them represents the human soul and the other God” (xvi); c. “…often in Sufi tales it is the socially inferior person who represents God or the divine. This is the part of the Sufi love of paradox, a way of jolting the reader out of his normal expectation of the world” (xvii);d. Objects and individuals don’t maintain allegorical significance from one story to another, so the meanings of the symbols in each story have to be worked out anew” (xviii);e. “…if a tale seems resistant to interpretation, the first thing to do is to turn the page back and reread the hoopoe’s initial words” (xv).

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