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Assignment; Word Count 3,000 words

Complete a research proposal for a study related to substance misuse.
3,000 words
Assignment Guidelines
This should be a paragraph that sums up the main sections of the study (this is usually completed at the end and added in, does not count towards word allowance)

Literature Review
A summary of the main literature found in relation to the study.
Ensure you focus on academic literature i.e. journal articles
Try to be critical of the literature you read
Explain how the literature justifies the study you are proposing
Finish this with a statement of your research question

Aim and objectives
You should have one overall aim and 4-5 objectives
Design; qualitative or quantitative and why this is the best approach for your study
Sample; what sampling method is used and how you will obtain your sample, sample size
Methods of data collection; questionnaire, interview etc (include a copy of the questionnaire or research schedule as an appendix)
Method of data analysis; this section will be quite brief
Ethical Considerations
A discussion of the ethical issues raised by your study and how these will be dealt with
Here you should consider what you expect the findings may be based on the literature you have read so far.
Reference list

Learning Outcomes


A successful student will be able to:

Discuss the use of qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods approaches for research studies

Describe methods of data collection and analysis

Analyse ethical issues relevant to research in the substance misuse field

Write a proposal for a research study including a literature review

Essays should be double spaced, in 12pt Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman font, printed on one side of paper.
Harvard style referencing must be used.

Type of assignment: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Healthcare
Pages/words: 28/7500
Number of sources: 10
Academic level: Bachelor
Paper format: Harvard
Line spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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