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This summative assessment represents 100% of the grade and is an extended essay including a poster.

Task: Critically evaluate theoretical explanations of behaviour at one level of aggregation!

Aspects which need to be included are:

• Define a level of aggregation (individual, firm, state or supranational or international institutions)

• Choose one theory and explain with the help of this theoretical viewpoint the behaviour at the selected aggregate level, for instance, bounded rationality in the case of individual behaviour

• Explore the role of risk and uncertainty at this level of aggregation.

• Identify advantages and disadvantages of this theory evidenced with academic literature.

• Show evidence for these advantages and disadvantages with the help of empirical data.

This can include government reports, statistics, interviews conducted by reputable

organizations and practitioner literature.

• Depending on your provided discussion conclude if the evidence supports the theoretical assumptions or if not in which case you would need to suggest another theoretical viewpoint

type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Economics

Pages: 14/3800

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