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One-Page Research Memo Instructions

Your writing matters. Clearly, as a student your ability to express your ideas in writing influences your success in many of your courses, and will especially effect your outcome in this course.

However, in your working career, writing is even more important. Executives judge a manager’s competence based upon their writing skills. Lucid and persuasive writing will magnify your abilities and enhance your reputation in your current or future organization.

Writing is a painful process, but if you are serious about a successful career in business, it is vital that you master the ability to write clearly.

This course requirement is designed to help your writing and research skills. It is  difficult, but essential craft. Winston Churchill once apologized to a colleague for sending a 9 page letter saying “Sorry, I didn’t have the time to write a shorter one.” In many business organizations, the one-page memo has become an art form.

It is the equivalent on the one-minute or ‘elevator’ speech. Because both an overage of information and shortage of time, complex ideas must be presented quickly in strait forward manner. Ed Harness, former CEO of Procter & Gamble said: The one-page memo isn’t just a training exercise at P&G.

We use it as an integrated tool for decision making. Important decisions are usually based upon input from many different parts of the organization, and the one-page memo forces managers to think concisely, separating fact from opinion

Likewise, Sear’s operations VP requires that all agenda items be presented at least 24 hours in advance in one-page memos to be presented at stand-up meetings in no more than one minute. Any problems submitted must suggest at least three alternative solutions. Decisions are made at these meetings based on this communication.

In this class, you will be asked to do research and present a report of your findings in the form of a one-page memo. In evaluating the memo, four criteria are used:

1) Following directions – Is the memo style correct, did it address the class, and start off with your summary of the topic early in the memo so readers can glean the key points?

2) Research and Analysis – Did you find appropriate research resources and identify the key issues, theories and concepts. Is your interpretation of the information supported by facts from the sources? Are the theories and expert opinions logical and backed by facts?

3) Clarity – Is the writing clear and concise? Is there a statement of purpose at the start and a summary of your analysis at the end? Is there a logical flow to the report?

4) Presentation – Are there spelling, typing, grammar, or punctuation errors? Is it professional in appearance?

As the name implies, the one-page memos are to be 1) a maximum of one page in length, 2) single spaced, and 3) no smaller than 10 point font. You are allowed to include an attachment that presents the facts arranged in a table format on a second sheet. The syllabus indicates the assignments for these one-page memos, the subject, and when they are due. We will be discussing these topic research memos in the Cyber sessions.

Resources: –add proper references to find the sources of your memo.

Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

Subject: Nursing

Pages / words: 2/550

Number of sources: 2

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: APA

Line spacing: Double

Language style: US English

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