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Identify an area of clinical practice that has changed since you last held registration.
Critically evaluate the evidence to support this change and consider how this has an impact on the delivery care

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Healthy Systems in the US.

The US health system is defined as a mixed system where publicly financed government Medicare and Medicaid health coverage coexists with privately financed (private health insurance plans) market coverage.

To write a well-structured review on health systems in the US, as a writer you should first distinguish and understand the four major models for health care systems in the US: The Beveridge model; identify who developed, how the system is centralized and established a national health service and how it’s a single-payer national health service.

The National Health Insurance Model- incorporates both Bismarck and Beveridge models, and illustrate how the government acts as a single-payer for medical procedures and how providers are private.
Illustrate the Bismarck Model which is a social insurance model and explain how the Employer and Employees fund health insurance. Also, elaborate on the Out-of-Pocket model which is market-driven health care.

Further exhibit the flow of funds in the US healthcare system. Explain in-depth how the public and private hospitals receive payments from both public and private financing sources. Show how the diagnostic-related group (D.R.G) assigns a set of payments for a particular condition or treatment sequence. On contrary, expand your thought and understanding of how the inpatient DRGs are widely used by Centers for Medicaid and Medicaid services and many other payers as a method of payment for

Elaborate on how the private insurance Plans work and how the employers contribute to private insurance premiums on monthly premiums to maintain health coverage, and how patients seeking non-group insurance can qualify for tax credits based on household incomes. Also explain how Public Insurance Programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Programs are operated by the CMS and how they are primarily financed by the government taxes. Also cover on how the individual financing and how the congress enhances the regulation and policy-making.

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