Planning writing an essay


An essay plan is an outline of how to write an effective essay or sorting out what you want. It helps you decide on what you are going to write. When you develop a perfect structure, you avoid wasting a lot of time since you already know what to write in each paragraph. All important points will be addressed because they were included in the essay plan.

Steps to Follow When Writing an Essay Plan.

a) Read andunderstand the essay question.

b) Write down the essay question.

c) Brainstorm on the subject in question for at least thirty minutes.

d) Depending on the various aspect and the scope of the study write down your thoughts.

e) Note down any phrase that needs to be included.

f) Note all the main ideas that will answer the question.

g) To build upon your plan research through your lecturer handout and course materials.

h) Indicate where more research is needed.

I) Note down your source of information for future reference

j) Indicate the number of words required to enable you to allocate appropriately for each section.

A proper essay structure that contains;

  • An introduction of two to three sentences which will be included in the essay plan.
  • A paragraph and in each paragraph have main points with a topic sentence, an explanation, and reasons why your points are important.
  • A conclusion that summaries the essay.
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