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Topic: poor communication, and their effects on the construction industry


The aim of the paper is clearly identify possible causes of poor communication, and their effects on the construction industry through the examination of the relationship between failed communication and project failure within projects, preferably in the United Arab Emirates.

• Identify the main types of poor communication in project management
• Outline the causes of the selected communication barriers in the construction industry
• Identify possible effects for the given communication barriers
• Describe methods of assessing the degree of impact of the barrier on the project progress
• Conduct a Barrier Frequency analysis
• Analyse the Degree of impact of the barriers
• Analyse the correlation between the causes and effects of failed communication in different construction projects in the United Arab Emirates.

Some communication barriers:
• Improper communication time management
• Language/ cultural barriers
• Technical/technological issues
• Poor planning
• Incurrence of medium between different hierarchal levels
• Speed of flow of communication in relation to project progress
• Complexity of project/ misunderstandings in project brief
• Poor relationship/ lack of trust between different parties
• Gender
• Misleading communicated information

Type of service:Dissertation services
Type of assignment:Dissertation Chapter – Literature review
Pages / words13 / 3500
Number of sources:30
Academic level:Master’s
Paper format:Harvard
Line spacing:Double
Language style:UK English

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