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Topic: Produce a Digital Strategy for the S&P 500 Company that you investigated (Apple)


Element 1: A 2000 word written report (75%)
Your task is to produce a Digital Strategy for the S&P 500 Company that you
investigated during Assignment 1. You must produce a 2000 word written report which
introduces and describes your proposed digital strategy for the company selected.
Your digital strategy should start from the period when the customer initially receives
contact from your chosen company, by e-mail, to when they receive delivery of the
product or service that has been purchased.
Your report should provide detailed comments on the following, as a minimum, and may
go beyond these considerations:
• SWOT Analysis of the online marketplace in which the company operates. Your
report should include an in-depth SWOT analysis that analyses the Strengths,
Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats that your company faces in conducting
business online in their online market place.
• E-commerce Goals of the Company for the next year of online trading. You
should consider and propose a series of goals/objectives that your chosen company
should aim to achieve in the following 12 months of online trading.
• Digital Marketing Methods. You should identify, describe and justify the digital
marketing methods which you believe your company should employ to attract new
customers to their e-commerce website.
• E-Commerce Website Enhancements. You should identify and describe any
enhancements that you believe your chosen company should make to their ecommerce website. This should take into account: (1) any website accessibility issues,
including fonts used, colour schemes and accessibility on different devices, and (2)
any trust and credibility enhancements, including inclusion of new content.
• Key Performance Indicators for the next 12 months of online trading. You should
identify, list and describe key performance indicators that you would advise your
company to adopt over the next 12 months of online trading.
• Customer Journey Map. You must include a one-page customer journey map which
proposes a new customer journey that your chosen company could implement in order
to improve the customer experience from the initial point of contact to the point of
purchase. You should provide a description of what your customer journey involves.
Your report should reference at least six published sources of information and be written
in the third person. Wikipedia is not to be included as a reference source and over-reliance
on web-based articles is not considered appropriate for this assignment.
Marking Criteria
SWOT Analysis of the Company’s Digital marketplace: 15%
Identification and Justification of the Company’s E-commerce Goals: 10%
Identification and Description of Digital Marketing Methods: 15%
Identification and Discussion of Proposed Website Enhancements: 15%
Identification of Key Performance Indicators: 10%
Production and Description of enhanced Customer Journey Map: 25%
Referencing and layout (including use of Academic English): 10%
Element 2: A Customer Journey Map (25%)
Your task is to produce a revised Customer Journey Map (CJM) for a typical customer
who uses the e-commerce website of your chosen S&P 500 company. You should take
into account all that you have included in your proposed digital strategy.
Your CJM should use a standard modelling technique to show clearly the chronological
phases and actions that a customer must experience in order to complete the purchase of
their chosen product and/or service.
To complete your CJM, you should read Chapter 10 of James Kalbach’s book entitled
“Mapping Experiences: A Guide to Creating Value through Journeys, Blueprints, and
Diagrams” for further guidance. Please see the Module Handbook for a full reference
relating to this publication.
Your CJM should be visually presented on one page only.
Marking Criteria
Identification of customer journey phases: 20%
Identification of key actions taken by the customer to complete purchase: 80%

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Type of assignment:Essay
Pages / words:11 / 3000
Number of sources:13
Academic level:Master’s
Paper format:APA
Line spacing:Double
Language style:AU English

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