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Unit 5 – Phase III – Course Project Assignment

Project Overview:  Libby’s

Product: Carrot and Pumpkin Paste

Throughout this course, we will explore market planning from the perspective of the brand manager. While the marketing process and the specific responsibilities of a brand manager vary across industries and firms, developing a strategic marketing management process assists in achieving marketing objectives.

As Brand Managers for Conagra brands ( You will be responsible for developing a new product in an existing product line or brand category and develop a strategic marketing plan for all four phases. The project will be submitted in four phases. Phase 1, due in Unit 1, will be a paper identifying the new product and brand plans. Phase 2, due in Unit 3, will be a paper Designing and Implementing a  Brand Marketing Program. In Phase 3, due in Unit 5, you will develop a plan to Measure and Interpret Brand Performanceand Phase 4, due in Unit 7, you will create a strategy to Grow and Sustain Brand Equity.

The objective of this exercise is to go through the steps of the Strategic Brand Management Process and see how planning might be done from the perspective of the brand manager. It is recommended that you get data for your report from the library, current business periodicals, the internet, and other secondary sources.

Our ultimate goal is to show how the various elements of the  Strategic Brand Management Process have been determined and incorporated in order to achieve marketing objectives. Once we have completed the process, in Unit 8, we will discuss the value of planning and what you think are the major difficulties with this process.

This assignment is your thirddeliverable


In this assignment, you will measure and interpret your brand’s performance, as well as the effectiveness of your brand’s decision making processes.Below are the three main concentrations of your paper:

                ·Define research goals and objectives

                ·Equity management system

                ·Qualitative and Quantitative measuring techniques


  • Structure your paper using thethree main areas above.
  • Use Figure 1-9, page 29 as a guide.
  • Your paper will be at least 4,double-spaced, APA formatted pages, not including cover and reference page(s)

Be sure to read the criteria by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after you write.

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