Referencing an essay APA style vs MLA style


APA referencing format and MLA styles, both utilize different forms citations and a list of references and the table below gives a summary of the difference between APA and MLA style of referencing an essay.

a) Used in social science, education, sociology, psychology and medical sciences -nursing.a) Used in humanities, English, speech and theatre fields.
b)  In- text citation the author’s name and the year of publication is indicated and page number in case of quotation or paraphrasing.b) In-text citation the author’s last name and a page number are included.
c) Cited sources are referred to as reference list.c) Cited sources are referred to as work cited
d) Title page and header are on separate page coverd) No title page is required
e) The title of the paper, your full names and the name of your institution are all centered and double spaced.e) Your full name, instructors name, course title or number is left aligned and double spaced
f) A quote of 40 words or more is formatted as a blockquote.f)  Quotes of four lines of pros or a verse of more than three lines are formatted as quotes.
g) Heading and subheading are used to arrange your workg) No headings and subheadings.
h) The author’s names are listed, the last name then initial.h) The authors are listed, the first name then the last name.
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