Research question is “How are traditions and values passed on overtime?” The two research questions that I would ask as an Anthropologist are: 1) Why is it important to pass down traditions? Does formation of family culture rely on the symbols and values that derive traditions?


This assignment is for the class: Applied Social Sciences

I. A. Describe the issue in the social sciences that you have selected to investigate. Why is this issue significant?

In Module Two: Exploring Social Science Issues, continued, learning block 2-3 (page 2), you completed the following work:

II. Body
A. Identify the social science principles that apply to your issue. In other words, which principles of social science apply to the issue you selected?

B. Explain how the principles you identified apply to your issue. In other words, how are the social science principles you identified relevant to your issue?

Please note that the numbering included above directly aligns with the numbering of these elements as they are presented in the Project One Guidelines and Rubric document.

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