Support of a cause assignment LGBTQ equality

Transparency has been touted as a powerful marketing tool.  Brands have been encouraged to counter rumours with facts (McDonald’s)[i], turn customers into advocates (Canadian Tire),[ii] and visibly share and adhere to their core values (Patagonia).[iii]

The Ask (aka Your Task):

Step One:            Find a brand that has come out in strong support of a cause

  • Some of the causes a brand might support: anti-racism, the Black Lives Matter movement, Indigenous rights, mental health initiatives, LGBTQ equality, gender equity, differently-abled rights, children’s rights, elder rights

Step Two:           Summarize in a few sentences how this brand has openly supported the cause

  • Describe the action, ad, or campaign which uplifts the cause
  • Be sure to use your own words – paraphrase but don’t quote
  • Be sure to cite what you paraphrase, both within the text and in the Bibliography, using APA style

Step Three:        Outline in a short paragraph the return on investment (ROI) that resulted from the action, ad, or campaign 

  • How in depth you go in this area will depend on when the action, ad, campaign aired
  • If the action, ad, or campaign was recent, then you can project the ROI via Loyalty KPIs such as customer satisfaction and customer discourse

Step Four:           Do a close examination of both the brand and its parent company, from an inside and an outside perspective

  • Summarize in a sentence or two what the parent company/brand states are its core values
    • You’ll find this information on the websites of each – highlighted will be information about which the company is proud
    • You often have to scroll to the bottom of the webpage to find the About Us link – this is where you’ll find things such as the make up of the company’s board of directors, company bylaws, etc.
  • Summarize in a short paragraph whatoutside, non-biased,reliablesources are saying about the parent company/brand
    • Look into what people with a vested interest are saying
    • Explore industry publications, non-partisan news sources, and social media:  do an online search, combining the parent company’s name/brand with an ideal it promotes (ex: P&G equal pay).  If the company has been caught out for not practicing what it portrays, it’s in this search that you’ll find criticisms, commentaries (positive and negative), and praise
    • You can use both Google and the GBC LLC for this search
  • Be sure to cite the sources for all of the content you have paraphrased, both in the body of your message and in a corresponding Bibliography,using APA style
    • I’m expecting to see a minimum of three sources here

Step Five:            Tell me your findings

  • Specify whether the structures within the parent company/branddo OR do not uphold the values promoted in the action, ad, or campaign
  • If the answer here is no, explain how or if the parent company has responded to criticism/being called out
  • It’s in this section that you can incorporate details of what has been said about the company online; you can include short quotes from publications or social media here
  • This section should be approximately half a page in length

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