Topic: Technology and healthcare costs assignment


Reading and Background Material to help with part 1
Required Reading:
Honigman, B. (2014). The seven biggest innovations in health care technology in 2014. Retrieved from  

Kraft, D. (2013, April 29). Where technology can take healthcare. Forbes. Retrieved from (18:35)  

Optional Readings:  
Kumar R. K. (2011, September). Technology and healthcare costs. Annals of Pediatric Cardiology 2(4), 84-86. Retrieved from ProQuest Central database in the Touro library.    

Bashur, R., Shannon, G., Krupinski, E. &Grisby, J. (2011, July). The taxonomy of telemedicine. Telemedicine and e-health, 17(6):484-494.  Retrieved from


Part 1

  1. Explain two ways that existing technology can be used to improve health outcomes for patients. Cite your sources
  2.  the cost increased technology worth the increase in healthcare costs? Why or why not? Please explain your answer.  Cite your sources
Reading and Background Material to help with part 2
Required Reading: AHRQ. (2013). National healthcare Disparities report, 2013, Retrieved from (Pages 1-21; 213-247)   CDC. (2013). Health disparities and the inequalities report-United States, 2013. MMWR 6 2(Suppl 3).   (Pages 3-31; 51-64)   Optional reading:   The Commonwealth Fund. (2012, November 12). Improving care for vulnerable populations.  [Video File] Retrieved from (2:20)  

Part 2.

  1. What are some barriers to healthcare for vulnerable populations? Name and explain at least two examples. 
  2. Based on the readings and video, what are some ways to improve access to healthcare in vulnerable populations? How does lack of access to healthcare affect health outcomes? 
  3. Label each question with the part and # infront of it. These are all separate questions. APA CITATION!!!! No plagiarism.
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