Theory of Financial Market Trading


Task 1 700 Words a) Justify how moving averages can be used to generate trading signals. You must include examples to support your answer.
(10 marks)
b) Explain ONE disadvantage of using moving averages within a trading strategy (5 marks)
c) Discuss how this disadvantage can be overcome? (5 marks)

1050 Words a) Explain THREE tenets of Dow Theory. For each tenet, provide a detailed example. (15 marks)
b) Explain THREE examples of a Candlestick Pattern
(15 marks)
700 words Evaluate the use of each of the following as part of a trading strategy. Include detailed examples for each: –
a) Using Momentum
b) Using Bollinger Bands
c) Using volume indicators
(20 marks)

1050 words a) Discuss the effects of psychological bias on trading behaviour. (15 marks)
b) Justify THREE processes to reduce the impact of psychological bias on trading. (15 marks)

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