Topic: 8. In what ways are Preference-Hedonism and the Success Theory (as defined by Parfit) similar and different?


Outline and define preference-hedonism and the success theory with reference to Parfit.

8. Marking criteria

You will be marked according to the following criteria:
o Completeness: Does the response address each part of the question?
o Clarity and Consistency: Is the response clearly written? Are terms used consistently and unambiguously? Does the response contain no contradictory statements?
o Knowledge: Does the response show knowledge of the core readings and lecture content? This can be shown by correctly stating the content of the readings and lecture.
o Understanding: Does the response show understanding of the core readings and lecture content? This can be shown, for instance, by explaining arguments and concepts in your own words, by making good connections between different parts of the readings and lecture, or by making good inferences from what was explicitly said in the readings and lecture.
o Analysis: Does the response display some analysis of the arguments or concepts explained? For instance, does the response show an appreciation of the structure of the arguments explained, potential gaps in an argument, or of inconsistencies and ambiguities in the readings? Or does it show an ability to spot general patterns in a text or the literature, and relate the answer to the question to those general observations?

9. Referencing and Word Count

You are not required to include a bibliography or a list of references at the end of your submission. Whenever you use the words or thoughts of another, you need only reference it in (Name, Year) format in the text of your answer. When inserting a section of text (of any size) from someone else’s work in to your own, you must use quotation marks and a reference to the source in (Name, Year: Page) format to make clear that you are citing verbatim. Failure to do so may result in allegations of plagiarism.

As regards the word count, the usual Departmental policies apply:

(1) The word count includes all footnotes and/or endnotes.

(2) The word count includes in-text citations.

Type of service: Academic paper service
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Philosophy
Pages/words: 1/300
Academic level: Undergraduate
Paper format: MLA
Line spacing: Single
Language style: UK English

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