In this assignment you will examine various presentation resources available to you online and will utilize a chosen tool to transform your paper resume into a “visual” resume, either an Infographic, or an ePortfolio. After looking at various formats, choose the one that would relate to your particular career goal.

Project Instructions

Examine the different Infographic Tools at The Ultimate Infographic Resume Guide, and Infographic Resume Tools. Take ample time to explore each website/tool so you gain a solid understanding of the online resources available for business, school, and personal use – and for your career success.
Review the video called ePortfolio – Introduction Video.
Review the video, How to Create a Free Professional ePortfolio Using Google Sites This is brief, but will walk you through the steps of how to quickly setup a google site for the purpose of an ePortfolio.
Develop an ePortfolio of your own using Google Sites or another platform of your choosing. Many websites provide users with a free platform, but limit the number of options or pages they have, with offers to upgrade for a fee. You may also want to examine Portfolium or Google Sites.
After reviewing Infographic Resume sites and ePortfolio sites, decide which visual resume type suits you best – Infographic or ePortfolio.
Create either an Infographic Resume or an ePortfolio. Remember to also include artifacts that will help you to showcase yourself and your work. For example, if you are a student of Graphic Design, you may want to use the ePortfolio so you can also upload and show your work.
Make sure each of the basic elements of your paper resume are reflected in your visual resume in a clear and unique way. You should also use the course readings from this module to help guide you in your visual resume creation.
As you develop your visual resume, ensure you meet the following requirements:
Utilize consistent formatting across your entire resume. This should be reflected in your:
color scheme
text size(s)
font type
Avoid using paragraphs of text – use short, simple sentences and use keywords to showcase your skills, abilities, education and experiences.
Use images that correlate with content and avoid anything overly distracting to the reader.

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