Topic: A2: Change Management and Change Agents—The Dynamic Duo


Develop a 6- to 7-step model for managing organizational change with a 1-page visual or graphic as an appendix.

Provide a model that could be shared with any organizational manager as a resource for dealing with change by which they might be impacted and for which they may even be the change agent. Base the model on your understanding of what organizational change is as evidenced in the resources.

1) Provide an informed introduction to change management.

2) Using your critical thinking skills, create and discuss 6–7 key steps that might be used in effective change management, and provide your rationale for their selection.

3) Condense the 6–7 key steps into a 1-page graphic or visual, e.g., a flow chart or picture using arrows, circles, or stairs to show relationships in the model. Include your graphic or visual in an appendix to be referred to in your identification and discussion of these steps.

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