Topic: Addressing the Opioid Epidemic in the United States


ENG: Conference Presentations

Presentations Begin 4/23

For this assignment, you must give a short conference presentation about your Solutions Research project so far. You can create your presentation on Powerpoint or Google Slides. There are a plethora of resources to help you with this online. These are individual and not group presentations.

This presentation should clearly demonstrate that you understand the purpose of the final essay assignment (to argue for a solution to a problem in the health sciences) and that you have done some substantial research on the problem and your tentative solution.

Use this opportunity to explore ideas, to find out what arguments are persuasive or not, and anticipate potential counterarguments or problems with your ideas.

This will count towards 10% of your final grade.

Assessment –
Ability to meet requirements presentation about your Solutions Research project uploaded to the discussion board)
-Ability to summarize the main ideas of your project in a meaningful way
-Ability to engage the audience with your ideas -Responses to the other presentations

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Power Point presentation
Pages / words-4 / 600
Academic level-Junior (College 3rd year)
Paper format-MLA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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