Topic: Adult Development and Aging: Life History Interview with Simone Lavigne

This assignment asks you to conduct a life history interview with one midlife-or-older individual (40+ years old). The interview itself must last 30 – 90 minutes, and it should be recorded. You will ask questions about your interviewee’s:

  • childhood circumstances
  • youthful ambitions
  • education trajectory
  • career trajectories
  • health history and present health
  • romantic relationships
  • friendships
  • childrearing plans and actualities
  • retirement goals
  • views of aging
  • family-of-origin age-related health concerns
  • end-of-life plans.

After conducting your interview:

  • 3+ Citations – you will use your textbook (see attached, “Adult Development and Aging.pdf, the book for citation reference is Adult Development and Aging, 8th Edition, John C. Cavanaugh , Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area,  Fredda Blanchard-Fields, ISBN: 978-1-337-55908-9 )
  • 3+ Citations three+ assigned class articles, (see Druckerman, Wray and Parikh articles)
  • 2 Citations relevant academic articles to analyze the interview. 
  • Your final paper will be 8 – 10 page paper (not including citations);
  • Please use Times New Roman (or a similar font); 12 pt.; double-spaced; typical margins.

Part One – NARRATIVE (SEE ATTACHED TRANSCRIPT) of your paper is a 4-5 page narrative description of your interviewee’s life. This is where you describe your interviewee’s life history in chronological or thematic format. In this portion of the paper, take your interview transcript and re-write in narrative format.

Part Two – ANALYSIS of the paper (4-5 pages), you will connect your interviewee’s story to the aging topics and trends that we have been discussing / will discuss in class. You need to provide your interpretation of why your interviewee’s life unfolded as it did – for instance:

  • What factors affected your interviewee’s educational attainment, health, or relationship status?
  • What factors may have played a role in shaping their present-day motivation or disposition?
  • Does your interviewee have worries or concerns about end of life care that can be explained in terms of articles that we’ve read?

Type of assignment: Term paper

Subject: History

Pages: 10/2750

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