Topic: Adult Learning Principles

  • Criminal Justice Training: Needs, Problems, Solutions

Assignment #2 – Adult Learning Principles (20 points)

Read: Blooms Taxonomy – Link provided in Readings – Teaching module

• Read: Hidden Characteristics of Community College (Readings – Teaching module)

• Read: Why Consider Community College (Readings – Teaching module)

• Read: Next Steps Community College – Read #6 page 55 and Read #7 page 67 (Readings – Teaching module)

For Assignment 2, Begin thinking about how to create a training session or a course, but before you delve into the creating process, think about what may be some issues that you may expect during the training periods or classroom sessions. Think about the readings for the week, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and effective ways to have successful training periods for classes. Anticipating some issues and understanding how people learn will give you a good head start on creating training sessions or a course.

Keep in mind, students learn differently, students retain information differently, and students have outside issue/distractions that can affect how they learn. But for now, begin to consider the dynamics of teaching to a group of students or personnel with different personal backgrounds and different learning capabilities.

Assignment 2, Part 1: Present two issues about community colleges, universities, or the blended concept of police-university based training that you found in the readings. What are some of the challenges and/or what will you have to reinforce in order to have a successful training session or class? What impact would the issue(s) have on your approach to teaching a training session or class?

There are no correct answers here. The objective is to think about the learning environment of the training session or class and to present some solutions.

Assignment 2, Part 2: Based on the topic you were assigned for the Mini Presentation, create an introduction for your Mini Presentation and provide some brief materials you will use for your Mini Presentation (this material can be used for your Power Point if you choose to use Power Point for your presentation, but you need to have visuals for your presentation, so the class (audience) and I can follow along with the presentation).

• Your assignment must be completed on a Word document and double-spaced.

• Cite references used in your assignment and list references used at the end of your assignment in APA format.

• Include your Name, course, and date on your document!

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