Topic: Advanced Nursing Care Research Paper


Review the NP core competency of leadership. These include:

Assumes complex and advanced leadership roles to initiate and guide change.

Provides leadership to foster collaboration with multiple stakeholders (e.g. patients, community, integrated health care teams, and policy makers) to improve health care.

Demonstrates leadership that uses critical and reflective thinking.

Advocates for improved access, quality and cost effective health care.

Advances practice through the development and implementation of innovations incorporating principles of change.

Communicates practice knowledge effectively, both orally and in writing.

Participates in professional organizations and activities that influence advanced practice nursing and/or health outcomes of a population focus.

Reflect on your clinical experiences thus far. How have you progressed in meeting this NP core competency? In 250 words provide a clinical example that has assisted you in meeting this competency along with how you are progressing in this area

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