Topic: Advocacy Essay based on a theme from Tara Westover’s Educated


Assignment: Write an 8-page minimum essay (not including works cited page), written for an academic audience, in which you argue that an existing policy, bill, or initiative is the best solution to the unsolved problem (in a single country or city) that you have researched thus far, contrasting your solution with an inferior alternate plan. In addition to Educated, quote from at least ten (10) sources (including at least one book), use at least one piece of graphic evidence, and include a Works Cited list of all of the sources you used in the paper.
Directions: Your essay should build upon (and may use excerpts from) your historical analysis as it argues for the policy you recommend as the best solution to the problem you’ve been researching. Begin with 2-3 pages including credible data and information from sources demonstrating the urgency of the problem. Include a quotation from Educated in this introductory section. You should then include a single thesis paragraph consisting of an overview of the solution you favor as well as a series of thesis sentences stating the superiority of this policy based on the following factors: 1) causation, 2) coverage, 3) cost/benefit, 4) comparison, and 5) feasibility. The thesis paragraph should also include a sentence stating the inferiority of an alternate plan. The body of your essay should consist of a series of sections defending these thesis sentences. Your paper should present clear and detailed information about who designed the policy, who supports the policy, who opposes the policy, where it is in terms of its development, and what needs to happen to ensure your plan or proposal’s success. Include at least one source that supports your reasoning and at least one source that either challenges your reasoning or offers an inferior alternative.
Advocacy Essay Requirements:
❑ 8 full pages minimum, not including your Works Cited
❑ Minimum of 10 sources in addition to Educated (including at least one book)
❑ Graphic evidence, i.e. at least one graphic illustration that provides appropriate evidence for the argument you are developing. This graphic can be original or cited from a source. Make sure that the graphic is inserted in proper MLA 2016 format.

Type of service:Academic paper writing
Type of assignment:Essay
Pages / words:8 / 2200
Number of sources:11
Academic level:Junior (College 3rd year)
Paper format:MLA
Line spacing:Double
Language style:US English

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