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Topic: Aging psychology essay


(1) What are some of the major SOCIAL implications of biological changes (e.g., declines in vision, hearing, and mobility) that come with aging?

(2) Aging can also alter mental functions such as learning and memory. How do all these changes affect the daily lives of both the aging individual and those with whom she or he interacts (or might interact)?

(3) Also consider dangerous risk factors associated with hospital stays in older people, and effective ways of guarding against these risks.

(4) Finally, describe in detail one or two real (or true-to-life hypothetical) case examples of older adults who are either struggling with or coping well with the physical and mental challenges they face.

(5) What can people do to help maintain their faculties as they age?

Recommended resources:

Creditor, Morton C. 1993. “Hazards of Hospitalization of the Elderly.” Annals of Internal Medicine 118:219–23. Accessed March 28, 2020 ( or ospitalization1/Hazards_of_Hospitalization_of_the_Elderly.pdf).

Kelley-Moore, Jessica A., John G. Schumacher, Eva Kahana, and Boaz Kahana. 2006. “When Do Older Adults Become ‘Disabled’? Social and Health Antecedents of Perceived Disability in a Panel Study of the Oldest Old.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 47(2):126–41.

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