Topic: Airline Business Model Convergence.


[REPORT]: Airline Business Model Convergence.


You are the Manager, Economic and Commercial Strategy of a Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) operating successfully for the past two years.

The CEO of your airline has asked you to review the article titled ‘An empirical analysis of airline business model convergence’ by Josh Daft and Sascha Albers.

In this research, results indicate increasing similarity around airline operations, which lends support to the generally assumed ‘convergence’ trend.

Prepare a report that explains the convergence trend among European airlines. With a focus on LCCs, describe three (3) typical operations strategies LCCs are undertaking as they converge to the ‘middle’.

With regards to the marketplace strategies and value proposition, discuss the future challenges for LCCs that move to the ‘middle’. Offer three (3) related recommendations to address the issues discussed.

“HIGHLY IMPORTANT”: Please follow this Instructions.


1. Word limit: 3000 words ( 100 words) total.
2. This assessment should be presented in Report Format.
3. Referencing style: APA. 24 High Quality References
4. At a graduate level, a general rule of thumb is “2 high quality references for every 5 percent”. Hence, for this assignment, you should integrate a minimum of 24 high quality references.
5. Tables of Contents and clear and concise Graphs.

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